About Us

Welfield Metrology (Pty) Ltd was started in 2010 by Ireen Field after retiring from the National Metrology Institute of South Africa where she worked for 31 years in the Mass, Volume and Density laboratories.
Welfield Metrology gained SANAS Accreditation in 2010.

Welfield Metrology (Pty) Ltd provides calibration of;

  • Mass Pieces
  • Balances
  • Weighing Instruments
  • Micropipettes
  • Volumetric Glassware
  • Metal Volumetric Measure
  • Density of Solid and Liquid Samples
  • Some of the above may be performed on-site

Ireen Field has been a SANAS technical assessor for mass and volume laboratories.
Ireen Field is willing to provide training in Mass and Volume Metrology at Welfield Metrology facilities or at on-site locations.

The company's objectives are to provide affordable Metrology calibrations in a short turnaround time, training and consultant.